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Meet Your New “Fur-ever” Friend at A to Z Pet Shop!

At A to Z Pet Shop in Orange, Connecticut, we have more than just high-quality puppies and kittens looking for “fur-ever” homes. We also have other top-tier “residents” that are eagerly awaiting to meet their new pet parents. There’s an ideal pet for just about any family dynamic here in Connecticut, from birds and reptiles to small animals and fish. Also, our small business carries an array of top-of-the-line supplies for your pets, as well as top-notch food and snacks for your new pet friends at affordable prices.

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Are you looking for a specific type of pet or want to know if we have a particular item in stock? If so, call our friendly staff at (203)553-9997, and they’ll be more than happy to help! After all, there’s a reason why we’ve been the top-rated pet store in Orange, Connecticut, since 2012!

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We Have Birds

We Have Birds

Birds in Connecticut

Are you looking to welcome a feathered friend into your home? We have a superb selection of birds to choose from at our pet store in Orange, Connecticut. From Java Finches to Canaries, our high-quality birds are extremely friendly and will make the perfect forever companions in your lives.


We Have Reptiles

We Have Reptiles


Reptiles in Connecticut

Do you want a reptilian companion in your life? A to Z Pet Shop of Orange, Connecticut, has the perfect selection just for you! Whether you’re looking for a Marble Gecko or a Russian Tortoise, there’s bound to be a reptile resident at our small business that will make you smile! In addition to geckos and tortoises, we also have iguanas, skinks, frogs, a ball python, and more.

We Have Small Animals

We Have Small Animals

Small Pets in Connecticut

In addition to our large selection of larger animals, we also carry small, cuddly pets that will instantly warm your heart! Small “residents” that can be found at our shop include, but are not limited to: guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, hairless rats, hamsters, gerbils, lionhead rabbits, and more.

Small Animals

We Have Fish

We Have Fish


Pet Fish in Connecticut

A classic, fan-favorite pet had by many are fish — and if you're searching for a "bubble buddy" of your own, we have exactly what you're looking for! From betta fish and GloFish to spotted puffers and tiger barbs, stop by Connecticut's favorite pet shop to meet your new fish friend today!

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