New Dog Essentials (What Do You Need for a New Pet)

Things You Need for a New Puppy Checklist

Did you get a dog? If so, congratulations — your new pup will surely bring a surplus of love and joy to your home! However, with a new “fur baby” comes responsibility: You must ensure they are happy and healthy. 

To ensure that’s possible, you will need many items and essentials for your new pet. We here at A to Z Pets have compiled this list of necessities for a new puppy that will help make your to-do list much shorter!

The Right Dog Food

The first thing on the list should be food. Ideally, you want to ensure the brand you choose is natural and not filled with preservatives or other artificial ingredients that can harm your dog’s digestive system. It’s also important to feed them according to their weight, age, and breed type — so do some research and consult your veterinarian before making your selection!

A Comfy Bed

A dog bed is an essential item for any canine friend! This furnishing makes them feel safe at night while they sleep, providing them with a space to feel comfortable. Before choosing a bed, you’ll want to ensure it’s the correct size for your pal. To ensure this, measure your fur baby with a measuring tape (nose to tail) and then add some “wiggle room” based on the measurements.

The Perfect Collar and Leash

When bringing home your new fur baby, there is a lot to be excited about regarding accessories — from picking out the perfect collar and engraving their name on the tag to choosing a matching leash to top it all off; the possibilities are endless! Speaking of the ideal collar, your pup should always wear its collar. The reason is simple: Should your pet run off your property and get lost, a collar with a tag will help identify them and make it easier for someone to contact you.

Plenty of Toys

If there’s one thing that puppies love, it’s playing! Before bringing home your little cutie, getting plenty of toys is a new puppy essential. By providing your pup with various playthings, you’ll help keep them occupied while you’re working and give them something to nibble on while teething (to help save your furniture)!

High-Quality Pet Supplies at Affordable Prices

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