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Family Owned Pet Shop

Based in Orange, Connecticut, A to Z was founded in 2012 and is dedicated to finding a forever home for every animal here.

A to Z Pet Shop is a proud family-owned and operated pet shop specializing in providing residents in Orange, Connecticut, and the surrounding areas, with high-quality pets. From puppies and kittens to small animals and those in-between, we take pride in knowing that not only are our “residents” happy, but they’re healthy. Weekly, a veterinarian visits our store to examine every animal. If they notice that one of our little pals is under the weather, they’ll address the situation on the spot. In addition to high-quality pets, we also have an array of affordable, top-tier pet food and treats, as well as a frequent buyer program for just about every brand in our store. With over 15 years of experience in the business, experience a pet shop like no other at A to Z Pet Shop!

Purebred Puppies

In addition to your average mixed-breeds, such as Maltipoos and Goldendoodles, A to Z Pet Shop also has an array of purebred puppies. Our purebreds have complete records of up-to-date vaccinations, a pedigree, and (sometimes) photos of their puppy parents!


Frequent Buyer Programs

At A to Z Pet Shop, we offer various frequent buyer programs; from dog food and treats to small animal bedding, there’s a frequent buyer program for every pet parent’s needs. As a small business in Orange, Connecticut, we are very grateful for our customers and want to repay them for being loyal. The next time you stop by, please provide the store with your name, phone number, and email address — that way, we can log all of your transactions and enroll you in various frequent buyer programs as a token of our gratitude.

Some of our most popular programs include:

Carefresh®: Buy 9, Get 1 Free
Four Paws Wee-Wee® Pads: Buy 10, Get 1 Free
Fromm®: Buy 12, Get 1 Free
Fussie Cat®: Buy 12, Get 1 Free
NutriSource®: Buy 12, Get 1 Free
Oxbow®: Buy 6, Get 1 Free


When purchasing a puppy from A to Z Pet Shop, you’ll also go home with a 50% off your first vet visit from our vet at Guilford Animal Medical Center.

There is also a 10% discount on any merchandise you may need on the date of purchase.

Ethical Procedures Followed by A to Z Pet Shop

Dogs Cats and Pets
  • Every animal comes first.
  • Our business is family-owned and operated daily, with tireless dedication to our animals and customers.
  • Veterinarian care is never withheld.
  • Customer service is taken very seriously.
  • If any breeder falls below our standards of quality, we discontinue all collaboration — no exceptions.
  • Our employees are treated like family and are well-respected.
  • Occasional illness in animals is, unfortunately, inevitable. We go above and beyond to treat every pet, as well as help customers every step of the way if their pet is under the weather.
  • We always participate in adding and giving back to the community.
  • At our store, there are no pressure sales, nor is there a commission salesforce. We firmly believe in the “sleep on it” mentality.
  • We never focus on money — we focus on family/pet connections.
  • We offer holds without deposits to discourage impulse purchases. We always fit the right pet for the current family dynamic.
  • Returning or surrendering any pet for any reason is always accepted at our store. Even for pets not purchased from our business, we will never leave pets unwanted or without a loving home.

CT Pet Shop Laws

When it comes to retail pet shops in Connecticut, the state has some of the strictest laws in the nation that all pet shop owners must abide by — such as:

  • Connecticut pet shops have a Pet Lemon Law to protect the consumer.
  • Every puppy and kitten must be sourced from an approved, USDA-licensed breeder that has not had a direct violation in their kennel within the past two years.
  • For breeders based in Missouri, the state enforces having parent dogs physically vet checked annually to ensure proper care and wellbeing.
  • Every puppy and kitten must have a valid health certificate from a licensed veterinarian to enter the state of Connecticut.
  • All puppies and kittens entering a shop receive a quarantine procedure, as well as an initial examination from a veterinarian, within 48 hours of arrival.
  • Failure to follow the strict heavily enforced laws for sourcing, housing, and selling puppies and kittens is classified as a criminal offense and no longer civil.
  • Puppy mills work underground and in the black market. Pet shops must not source puppies or kittens from substandard breeders that sell online or from backyards. This ensures unscrupulous breeding practices to be absent in the pet shop industry.
  • In terms of rescue organizations, they do not have to follow these strict guidelines. Animals can be sourced and sold without the standards that pet stores are held accountable to. Rescues do not have a state Pet Lemon Law to protect the consumer.
  • Pet shops have full transparency to the public regarding all breeder information, USDA Reports, and vet records.

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