3 Reasons to Own a Dog

3 Benefits of Owning a Dog

Have you ever thought about getting a dog? These cute, cuddly creatures are wonderful in every sense of the word possible and can be considered an extended member of your family. However, if you’re not sure whether or not you should become a “paw-parent,” here are some of the many benefits you can reap when owning a dog!

Keeps You Active

Did you know that dogs can help you stay active? Research shows that dog owners are more than likely to meet their daily activity goals than those that do not own a canine. This is possible due to a few key factors: dogs need to be walked (daily) and also like to run and play. When you have a “fur baby” in your life, you’ll find yourself on your feet more often (and you won’t mind it one bit)!

Make Great Companions

When you have a dog, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world! These cuddly creatures will make for the perfect companions and keep you smiling all day long. They’re known to help boost mental responses and even lead to less stress and anxiety over prolonged periods. Plus, when you take your dog for walks, your pup is bound to be a conversation starter with those you encounter on your route — it could help you make new friends!

Protect You from Harm

Your dog can be looked at as a hero — in more than one way. Unlike other pets, a dog can help ward away any danger that may be lurking close by. For instance, if someone were trespassing on your property, your puppy would sense their presence and begin to bark — making the suspect think twice before coming close to your home. In other instances, dogs can even smell things and alert you to danger. 

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