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Welcome to A to Z Pet Shop

Based in Orange, Connecticut, A to Z Pet Shop was founded in 2012 and is dedicated to finding a forever home for every animal here. Our family-owned and operated business specializes in providing the community with high-quality pets, hands-on veterinary care, top-of-the-line pet foods and treats (at affordable prices), as well as support and knowledge for anything you may need as a pet parent.

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    Many of our purebred puppies are registered to Kennel Clubs, have pedigrees, and are microchipped.

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    A veterinarian visits our store once a week to examine each pet, ensuring that they are as healthy as can be.

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    All of our kittens and puppies are fully vaccinated (up to their age) and are dewormed.

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Our Features

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    We are a family-owned and run business that has been operating for 15 years.

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    High-Quality Food & Treats

    We offer an array of high-quality pet foods and treats at affordable prices.

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    Veterinary Care

    We have our store vet visit us once a week to give exams and make sure each pet is healthy and happy.

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    We offer a frequent buyer program for just about every brand in our store.

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    Many of our puppies are purebred, registered to kennels, have pedigrees, and are microchipped. Additionally, each puppy is fully vaccinated to their age and dewormed.

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    Here for You

    We are here for the length of your pet’s life, every step of the way and will provide support and knowledge for anything you may need.

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Our Services

Quality Service

Top-Rated Pet Store in Connecticut

When it comes to superior service, A to Z Pet Shop stands out amongst the rest. At our family-owned and operated business, we offer various incredible services for our animals, such as weekly veterinarian check-ups and so much more. When you walk through our door, you’ll meet the happiest, smiling puppies that are eager to meet their new “fur-ever” friends!

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The health of our animals is of the utmost importance. Each week, we have a veterinarian come in and conduct check-ups to ensure that our animals are happy and healthy. If the vet notices that a “resident” feels under the weather, they’ll immediately address the situation.

Kittens and Puppies in CT

Kittens & puppies

If you're looking to purchase kittens and puppies in Orange, Connecticut, Derby, Connecticut, or the surrounding areas, you've come to the right place! We have an incredible selection of “fur-ever” friends that would love to meet you!

Other Animals

Other Animals

In addition to puppies and kittens, we also have other "residents" eagerly awaiting to meet their new pet parents! From birds and reptiles to small animals and fish, our family-owned pet shop has an ideal pet for just about any family dynamic in Connecticut!

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